Site Pass

CBH have implemented a Statewide Induction for all Road Transport associated with Grain Transfers within WA (this does not apply to grower deliveries). This new induction process supersedes all previous inductions which were required to be undertaken by CBH.

This process must be completed prior to commencement with Cropline Haulage. If you have not completed this process and do not hold the relevant CBH Sitepass card you will not be able to loaded on any CBH site for the Purpose of RMA ( Road Movement Authority) movements.

Firstly, you have to register your company and then create the employee/employees with in your company. This can be done as follows:

  • Bottom of page: Item 2 - Systems Requirements > check all ticked green, if any are red go to Software Downloads and update where necessary, then go back to home page
  • Click on Register and follow the prompts to register your business.
  • When this is completed login using your business user name and password.
  • Click on enter Sitepass
  • top left corner is your Business Summary > click on Relationship - select sub-contractor > and the group you will highlight is Cropline Haulage.
  • Then click on HVA ( Heavy Vehicle Accreditation > add HVA details and upload a copy of your HVA Certificate > add date of your last audit and upload a copy of last audit letter from Main Roads ( dated within 12 months) > do not upload your audit report, only the HVA certificate and audit approval letter > The company name on the HVA certificate must match the company name that is being registered in Sitepass. if it does not please contact the CBH Contractor Safety Helpdesk.

Your business part is now complete


  • To create an employee you require a colour copy of both sides of their licence with a head and shoulders photo. ( no hats or glasses are to be worn) > suggestion - take photo on phone and e-mail to your company email. (must be emailed as a medium file)
  • Cllick on the blue + plus button to create an employee. > suggesstion user name keep simple and generic example: first initial and last name. Password use generic password for all employees.
  • Add details as per dirvers licence.
  • Suggestion - email address, use company email address for all communications not drivers personnel e-mail.
  • Upload photo
  • Employee Category ( job type) - Grain Truck Driver MC Licence
  • Then Create employee.
  • Once employee is created they will appear in the left hand column click on thier name and :after each action be sure to click "save and submit for approval.
  • Click on identification check follow the prompts. Save and Submit the screen once you have attached the copy of your valid drivers licence
  • Do the same on Licences.
  • Road Transporter General Induction-  Open and print Road Transport General Induction Booklet. Have employee read booklet and complete questions on back page. Once this is completed follow the prompts under Road Transporter General Induction to upload the assessment page into the system.
  • Top right hand corner of page logout (click = Menu and logout.)
  • The Driver now logs on using their username and password. > once they have logged in go to Continue training and commence their online induction. > This will take approx 20-40 minutes to complete.
  • Once driver has read the page you move forward by clicking on the next key > Once the Induction is completed the driver may log out.
  • To check on your drivers progress you can log on using the Company log in and password. Than click on the individual driver.
  • All boxes should be highlighted YELLOW - " submitted for approval" or ticked GREEN - "approved" with the exemption of the Site Induction box which will be completed by the driver when they attend site.
  • The CBH weighbridge officer will hand them a double sided form " Road Transport Site Induction" which the driver will read and sign prior to gaining access to site. This will be kept onsite by CBH for their records.
  • If your driver is approved nut has not received his card, click on their name and the bottom right corner of the page you can click on the picture of the card and print out a copy of their card ( this may also be done if a driver misplaces their card while waiting on a new one to be issued.)