How To Become A Sub-Contractor

At Cropline Haulage we value our Sub-Contractors and believe they are a strong part of our team. We are always on the lookout for new Sub-Contractors particularly between the months of November to May due to our large volume of work.

During our busiest months, Sub-Contractors can do a variety of jobs from CBH grain carting to CSBP fertiliser to lime and everything in between.   

If you are reliable and feel like your company can meet the needs of our customers feel free to make an account through our log in portal under Sub-Contractors, upload your details and we will have someone get in contact with you.

SRG Corporate Insurance

As a valued partner of Cropline Haulage you can now harness our collective buying power for your truck insurance needs. Cropline has partnered with SRG and negotiated with a leading Australian Insurer on your behalf. That means we now have an EXCLUSIVE group purchasing arrangement whereby as one of Croplines sub-contractors you can access substantial discounts on truck insurance.

If you are interested in saving up to 30% on your insurance, fill out the PDF and return to 

CBH Tools

The below documents are for the use of Cropline Haulage Drivers and  Sub-Contractors. 

CBH Life Saving Rules


The new CBH Rover mobile application has been developed to support site-to-site road movements for transport contractors moving grain for CBH.

With CBH Rover, transporters can self-serve at the weighbridge and complete site inductions prior to loading. It removes the requirement for transporters to carry paper forms when conducting a road movement, leading to quicker turnaround on site and less administration. The app also provides easy access to site information including operating hours and contact details.

CBH Rover will initially be available for a trial across sites in Area 7 in the Kwinana Zone. The trial will start mid-2018 and if successful, Rover will be rolled out across more sites.

Any transporter who carts grain for CBH at these sites, whether a primary contractor or a subcontractor, will be required to use CBH Rover.



Getting Started


Network Map - Receival Sites