SitePass is the CBH Group’s online contractor induction system. Before you can enter a CBH site you must have completed the SitePass registration and received your SitePass card. SitePass allows CBH and its contractor to monitor and evaluate contractor compliance by ensuring that contractors and their employees have the appropriate skills, qualifications and licences. SitePass also allows CBH and the contractor to ensure that all contractor employees have been inducted prior to stepping onto any CBH site.

SitePass works through a four step approach:


  1. Register - contractor register their business to access the SitePass interface. The contractor then registers their employees.

  2. Induct - contractor and their employees complete the CBH online induction.

  3. Upload - contractor upload from the computer any relevant licences and qualifications for their employees.

  4. Verify - the information provided by the contractor is verified prior to issuing the contractor and their employees with induction cards.

Cropline Haulage specific instructions:

  • Relationship - The Relationship screen allows viewing access of Companies and their Employees’ Summary screen, so we can ensure you are fully compliant in the Sitepass system, prior going to site. Be certain to link this Relationship to Cropline Pty Ltd.


Contact the Contractor Safety Helpdesk at CBH Group directly on (08) 9416 6200.